Volume-4-Issue-2 (July 2016)

A Comparative Survey of Load Balancing Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Network [Download]

Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETS) are dynamic independent networks which consist of mobile units. Such networks have infrastructure-less mobile topology by having wireless communication between thdiv. A routing protocol in MANET should fairly distribute the routing tasks among the mobile host. An unbalanced traffic/load distribution leads to performance degradation of the network. Due to this unbalancing nature, few nodes in the network are highly loaded with routing duties. This probldiv lead to the introduction of load balancing routing algorithms. This survey explores various load balancing algorithms for single path routing, multi path routing and cluster based routing. In recent years, multi-path routing protocols have attained more attention in mobile ad hoc networks as compared to other routing schdives due to their abilities and efficiency in improving bandwidth of communication, increasing delivery reliability, responding to congestion and heavy traffic. Keywords—MANET, routing, load balancing, congestion.


Big data is the collection of large data set to which are usually in pet bytes and Exabyte's and are very complex to process and store sources of data are different so the data which is collected is heterogeneous in nature .The phenomenon of processing large volume of datasets is called big data . This paper present characteristics of big data are represented as 3V's and methods and technologies to handle big data working on large data sets include some challenges that how to capture, store , search , share the data with fully privacy. Apache Hadoop is open source software for processing big data is one of the best solutions. Keywords:-Grid computing, Hadoop, big data, data mining


This paper describes cloud computing which is a computing environment for the next generation of the Internet. The paper discusses clouds, cloud storage and service providers on the basis of different parameters such as pricing, maximum storage limit, security of data etc. This paper also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Keywords—Cloud Computing, Dropbox, icloud, Azure

Comparative Study of Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Techniques [Download]

Charging mobile phones is becoming important task in our daily life. In hectic schedule sometimes we forget to do so. But without cell phones or we can say cell phones with no battery is unacceptable thing these days as we and our work depends a lot on mobile phones. It is difficult to carry battery chargers or any electronic gadget that can charge our mobile phone battery every time with us. As we know that the world is leading with the developments in technology. Today's world requires the complete technology and for this purpose we are proposing 'Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones ' Keywords: Wireless charging, Inductive charging, Resonance charging, Microwave charging

Performance Analysis Of Switched LAN For Parallel Computing [Download]

Parallel Computing in the world of computing is a relatively new area of interest. Desktop machines with two, four or eight processors connected together have diverged as common platform for designing large-scale data intensive applications and building an efficient grid means studying the issues related to performance measures. Every modern operating systdiv provides industry standard software for computer communication but this software is so inefficient that it actually appears to act as the real technology bottleneck of grid computing. Since most of the organization is flooded with Desktop PC and most of the time these are idle. These idle CPU cycles, can be used for high performance computing in grid. For making use of these machines to participate in the grid computing, TCP/IP protocol is to be studied for performance issues of Parallel Computing and optimize the communication among the networked machines keeping in view of latency and bandwidth.

Comparative Study of Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Techniques [Download]

To explore the successful utilization of parallel computers, deployed in the various fields of technologies. This review of literature mainly outlines parallel architecture, its applications and algorithms. In this survey, we review recent approaches using parallel computation. This review also depicts the difference between Amdahl's Law and Gustafson's Law. The review material explicitly focuses on various performance parameters of the parallelism. Different parallel computing platforms and their basic characteristics are also discussed in this review. Keywords- Parallel Processing, Grain Size, Flynn Classification, Gustafson's Law, Performance

Reading Culture and Use of a Library at Hoshiarpur: A Case Study [Download]

Continuation in education and learning is an important aspect of learned society. There is a regular need to update our knowledge in all the related fields. This is possible if we have the reading habit. Reading habit may be inculcated at very young age of everyone, as it is part and parcel of our lives. Reading has a wide scope and everyone has his own perception about it as recreational act or a burden/compulsion. In 21st century, a country is known by its innovative and inforich people. The aim of education is to give the right direction and it helps to prepare students, learned citizens and independent learners. Present paper focuses on reading culture among teacher trainees of D.A.V. College of Education, Hoshiarpur. Teachers are the nation builders and it is necessary to know the reading habits of would be teachers as they have to play dynamic role in multiplying the reading habits of future generations. For the purpose of this paper, a questionnaire was prepared and distributed among 75 B.Ed. and 25 M.Ed. students of D.A.V. College of Education, Hoshiarpur. Keywords: Reading Culture, Reading Habit, Teacher Trainees, College Library.

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