Volume-4-Issue-1 (January 2016)

Security Issues in the Use of New Technologies in Governance [Download]

Security and conflict are critical challenges of the 21st century and bring increasing diversity of threats as technology advances and pressures grow on our limited resources. As the Internet supported digital communities evolve, and assuming that they do indeed grow to incorporate individuals around the country (and globe), they present the national governments with a number of challenges and opportunities. In an e-government project, a substantial amount of documentation is done like maintenance of land records, police records and so on. Each department is critical so that only authorized people get into the network and access the information. Cyber-security issues will only increase in the coming years in parallel to technological advances and increasingly this is the number one compliance issue for safer, secured and smooth functioning of e-governance undertaking.

Frame work for Text classification using Mining techniques [Download]

Data mining is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information DM techniques are the result of a long process of research and product development. Text classification is one of the important research issues in the field of text mining. With the dramatic increase in the amount of content available in digital forms gives rise to a problem to manage this online textual data. As a result, it has become a necessary to classify/categorize large texts (documents) into specific classes. Text Classification assigns a text document to one of a set of predefined classes. This paper covers different text classification techniques and also includes Classifier Architecture and Text Classification Applications.

Protecting Against Online Password Guessing Attacks [Download]

Today’s remote login services are widely spread and ever increasing. So the different security issues are also increased, different attacks may increase like brute force attacks, dictionary attacks. Preventing such attack is a difficult problem. Automated Turing Test (ATT) is effective approach to minimize such attacks. But sometimes it may create inconvenience to the legal user. so to avoid such inconvenience we propose a new Password Guessing Resistant Protocol(PGRP) , derived upon revisiting prior proposals designed to avoid such attacks. The Persuasive Cued Click Points (PCCP) password scheme which provides high level of security important goal of the authentication system is to provide support to users in selecting better passwords thus it increases security by expanding password space. Our method significantly decrease the disadvantages of the current authentication method that is being used.

Preserving Privacy in Data Mining- A Proactive Technique [Download]

Privacy preserving is the main concern in data mining. Data mining extracts useful patterns from large quantities of data stored in the data warehouse. The data mining process results valuable patterns to support decision making in different domains. But easy access to sensitive data poses threat to individual privacy. In this paper we presented a novel approach in which both data perturbation technique and classification are integrated to provide better data quality and individual privacy both at data owner site as well as at data mining site. The owner’s data consists of both categorical and numeric data types. To preserve the privacy of data at owner’s site perturbation technique is used in which small amount of noise is added to sensitive data such that the properties and the meaning of the original data is not changed.

Data Mining in context of Telecommunication Industry [Download]

Data mining automates the process of finding predictive information in large databases. Data mining techniques used for this purposes typically utilize billing data, call detail data, subscription information and customer information (Weiss, 2005). It is necessary to have a target variable on which the prediction model is built and, in this case, it is a churn indicator (Baragoin, Andersen, Bayerl, Bent, Lee and Schommer, 2001).Data mining can be a very effective means of implementing a customer relationship management strategy and helping telecommunications companies to keep their customers happy. In today’s competitive business landscape the customer is a king, and the sooner one realizes it, the improved.

Statistical approach to analyze Security Attack Logs [Download]

Statistical approach to analyze Security Attack Logs

Customer Relationship Management Using Data Mining [Download]

Customer Relationship Management Using Data Mining

An Adaptive Approach to Avoid Wormhole Attack [Download]

An Adaptive Approach to Avoid Wormhole Attack

Eco-Friendly Clouds- A Comprehensive Study [Download]

Eco-Friendly Clouds- A Comprehensive Study

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