Volume-2-Issue-2 (July 2014)

Analyzing Phishing and User Reactions [Download]

Phishing, the act of stealing personal information via the internet for the purpose of committing financial fraud, has become a significant criminal activity on the internet. The term “phishing” has origins in the mid-1990s, but now days the term has evolved to encompass a variety of attacks that target personal information. This paper gives brief about phishing , its techniques, and maps them to anti –phishing techniques. Furthermore , we analyzed the anti-phishing databases and conducted survey to know the awareness of phishing among internet users. Key Terms : Phishing, Phishing Techniques, AntiPhishing Techniques

A Practical method for Compressing Digital Images using the Run Length and DCT [Download]

Digital images plays a very significant role in sciences. Digital images (biometric images) are produced by the method of digital imaging which is the process of creating images of the human body or parts of the body using various techniques to detect, diagnose or treat a disease. An digital image is essentially a 2-D signal processed by the human visual system. . A digital image is a 2- Dimensional array of pixels. Biometrics means " Life Measurements" but this term is mainly associated with the unique physiological characteristics to identify an individual. Biometrics provides security that is the reason people relates to the biometrics. Biometrics have physiological characteristics means it includes face recognition, iris recognition and fingerprint verification and behavioural characteristics means it includes voice and signature. Biometrics includes verification and identification. Verification means the process of establishing the validity and validation means making a legal validation. Storage and sharing of digital image data are expensive and excessive without compressing it because various techniques of digital imaging produce large sized data therefore these digital images are compressed before saving them or sharing them. In this we use a new hybrid discrete cosine transform and Run length encoding compression and noise removal in further steps and then image similarity detection by Fourier transform. Keywords - Discrete Cosine Transform, Run Length Encoding, Fourier transform, Correlation, Results

LEACH AND its Descendants: A Review [Download]

Wireless Sensor Network is network consisting of hundreds or thousands of wireless sensor nodes. These sensor nodes collect the information from their surrounding environment and send their sensed data to Base Station or sink node. In Wireless sensor network the energy source is a battery, energy plays an important role in wireless sensor network and preserving the consumed energy of each node is an important goal that must be considered when developing a routing protocol for wireless sensor network. Various routing techniques have been purposed in wireless sensor network. LEACH is well known hierarchical routing protocol in wireless sensor network. This paper describes the various drawbacks of LEACH and how these drawbacks are overcome by its descendants. In this paper comparison of some features of LEACH and its descendants is also presented. Index Terms— Base Station, hierarchical, Wireless Sensor Network, LEACH, routing Protocol.

Evaluating Performance of Component Based System Architecture [Download]

Evaluation of architecture aims at the analysis of component system architecture to recognize potential risks of software design before implementation. With this we can achieve reduced costs and improved software quality. Performance analysis at this level can be useful for assessing whether a proposed architecture can meet the desired performance specifications and can help in making key architectural decisions. This paper presents approaches for performance evaluation of software systems. Existing methods provide prediction results such as response times and throughputs to some extent, but do not guide the software architect on how to improve the architecture overall based on various performance parameters. Index Terms: - Architecture Evaluation, Component based Architecture, Architecture Parameters, Performance

Review of Various Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing [Download]

Cloud Computing is the nascent technology which is based on pay-per-use model. It is computing paradigm where applications, data, bandwidth and IT services are provided over the Internet. Goal of the cloud service providers to use resource efficiently and attain the maximum profit. So, this leads to task scheduling as a core and challenging issue in cloud computing. Scheduling is the process of deciding how to commit resources between a varieties of possible tasks. In this research paper various types of scheduling algorithms that provide efficient cloud services have been surveyed and analyzed. Based on the study of different algorithms, a comparison between them are presented on the basis of different perspectives. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Scheduling, Static and Dynamic scheduling algorithm, Virtual Machines.

A Review on Berth Alocation Problem with Assignment Optimizing Technique [Download]

Berth spaces and quay cranes are the most important assets in container terminals, to improve the utilization. In this paper we reviewed the idea of allocation of berth and quay crane by investigating the various optimizing technique which is further used in improving the time and cost value. In the benefit of doubt we covered systematic survey on different algorithm, technique and optimization.

Kohonen-SOM and K-Means data mining Clustering algorithms on Academic Data [Download]

With the development of information technology and computer science, high-capacity data appear in our lives. In order to help people analyzing and digging out useful information, the generation and application of data mining technology seem so significance. Clustering is the mostly used method of data mining. Clustering can be used for describing and analyzing of data. In this paper, the approach of Kohonen SOM and K-Means and HAC are discussed. After comparing these three methods effectively and reflect data characters and potential rules syllabify. This work will present new and improved results from largescale datasets. Keywords : Kohonen- SOM, K-means, HAC, PCA

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